1000 color portrait study
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1000 color portrait study

1000 color portrait study


Published: July 24, 2017 0 0 187
By: Sasha Wang, San Diego State University
Category: Art & Design
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My color scheme are green cyan, blue, red magenta and yellow. The whole color transition is to start from yellow to green, green to cyan, cyan to blue, blue to violet, violet to red magenta, magenta to red. I use saturated blue for the edge of the face so the hair and face can be distinctive. And I used saturated blue for the lips to stand out in the whole face. Besides that, by using the analogous color of green cyan, green, blue, I create the face with more plastic space value. As the hair part, since I already use blue as my edge for the face, so I chose violet and red magenta as the major color, and I adjust CMYK scale to get desaturate violet and red magenta. But after I filter the photo with cutout, the biggest challenge is to fill out the small gaps in the whole face, that look like black dots. I filled the small gaps with color by adjust cyan, magenta, and yellow to create more diversified color. I believe the way I designed makes the whole photo more natural and seems like painted with chaotic brush stroke comparing with effects of filters.

For the background, I chose yellow as compliment color as for the violet, so the whole portrait can be distinctive from the background. Since. In general, the center of the face I chose low key color to contrast the eyes and lips and outlines of the face; and I pick blue as a division of the face and hair because it is the darkest hue in the whole portrait.

By adding the equidistant tetrad color, I believe this whole project came out really cool and blizzard in a good way. Because of the transition from low key to high key and to low key color again, this portrait looks in harmony to the viewers. Also because of the filter function that I used less makes that whole design more nature, organic, and chaotic, as if someone painted in a canvas. If you can see closer to the top of hair part and edges you can see the messy and disordered by the complimentary mixing color.


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