Air Fryers & Rubber Feet
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Air Fryers & Rubber Feet

Air Fryers & Rubber Feet


Published: August 25, 2020 1 0 75
By: Christian Redelsperger, San Diego State University
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When the first food processor was introduced to the United States in 1973, the people at Cuisinart were quick to recognize the machine’s potential for convenience and health benefits. Since then, Cuisinart has continued to develop home cooking tools and has expanded their catalog to now include air fryers. Similar to toaster ovens, air fryers are plug-in tabletop units. However instead of traditional heating bulbs, air fryers crisp their food from the top by using a heating mechanism and fan which makes them ideal for breaded dishes and cooking frozen foods. Cuisinart’s air fryers inject sleek design elements into their heavy-duty housing, resulting in a unit that looks as good as it is sturdy.

These air fryers’ portability and heat fluctuations mean they require high-quality rubber feet. Many bumpers nowadays are made with cheap rubber which means that while they may look fine on delivery, they will absolutely not withstand the lifetime of your fryer. Often times, these types of subpar bumpers crack, crumble, and mark, jeopardizing your unit’s safety and appearance. On the other hand, Budwig is a Made-In-USA company that exclusively sells what we feel represents superior American manufacturing. Our rubber bumpers are molded with a premium blend of thermoplastic that effectively extends the life of your product. Budwig bumpers are some of the highest-rated feet with non-marking qualities and shock absorption, and will protect against extreme temperatures. To add extra reinforcement, each recessed bumper is fitted with our ozone-resistant inserted eyelets that prevent screws from tearing into the through-hole.

Every order from Budwig Molded Products is backed by our around-the-clock customer support. We encourage you to experience these excellent parts for yourself and will be available every step of the way. We offer free samples for your testing and can offer free shipping on sample orders placed within the continental United States.

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Published February 20, 2020


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