Audio for Belly Dance showcases
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Audio for Belly Dance showcases

Audio for Belly Dance showcases

  • Bedouin Bazaar audio desk 2015 Al Bahr Shrine Center
  • Bedouin Bazaar audio desk 2010, with MC Larry Al Bahr Shrine Center
  • SAMEDA Faire audio desk, 2008 McMillan Center
  • The Pirate Queen's Booty show, 2012 Scottish Rite Center Mission Valley
  • Scenes from a Graveyard show audio desk, 2008, La Mesa Middle School


Published: August 16, 2016 0 0 626
By: Richard Adrian Steiger, San Diego State University
Category: Creative & Performance

Various venues I run the unrehearsed or rehearsed audio (play CDs etc, set up for bands) at belly dance related events