Beads,Crystals and More - Encinitas, CA
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Beads,Crystals and More - Encinitas, CA

Beads,Crystals and More - Encinitas, CA


Published: April 5, 2019 1 0 144
By: Julie Stricklin, San Diego State University
Category: Art & Design
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Beads, Crystals and more is an iconic location for artists and makers. There is so much to war your creative juices around in this little shop. I am grateful that my work has been offered at BC&M for many years. They display my work on the counter top so I am easy to locate. I love they spirit and vibe of this shop. I shop there myself and know the happiness that walks in and walks out. I wanted my work to be offered in a place like this. Years ago I took the shot to introduce my creations to them. Now, years later, I am called to restock and invited to offer new creations. This is an artists dream.


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