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By: Adrian Camacho, SDSU Fowler College of Business
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1. Adrian Camacho


3. I am a Business Management major. I chose this major because I want to get my MBA in Sports Management.

4. I am a RA or Resident Advisor on campus and have been for the past 2 years. I was also a DA or Desk Assistant for my residence hall my freshmen year. I also have a sports marketing internship this year with the athletic department.

5. My career goal is to become a Division 1 volleyball head coach. I have played volleyball for about 12 years now and it has had a huge impact in my life. Volleyball is something I love and i want to give that passion to future college students one day.

6. I have not been out of the country, but I would like to visit Japan, Italy, and Guam. I want to go to Japan for the tv shows and the shows I used to watch as a young kid. I would love to go to Italy because of their amazing food and then I would love to visit Guam one day because that is where I am from and I have family there.

7. I only speak one language, English, but I would love to learn the language of my people which is called Chamorro.

8. I love to play volleyball and watch TV when ever I can. Volleyball is my stress reliever and it is what I have been playing my entire life. I love to watch TV whether that is watching sitcoms or dramas or comedies anything to get my mind off things and just relax. Also, I love to hangout with my friends. They are the people I can tell anything too and they are always there for me.

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