Church Hymn Database (2015-2016)
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Church Hymn Database (2015-2016)

Church Hymn Database (2015-2016)

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Published: August 22, 2016 0 0 844
By: Rennel Parino, San Diego State University
Category: Web Development
Hashtags: #Html #Javascript #Jquery #Php #web_design #Web_development #Webdesign #webdevelopment #Website

This is a database which records revision dates for my local church's hymns, specifically for the church's hymnal books. This implements the bootstrap framework along with PHP, JQuery, Javascript, and MySQL functions to add, edit, and delete entries in the database. The system undergone development in 2015 and finalized design in 2016.

This website can also be used on any device as a result; this is useful for entries to be edited from a mobile device when auditing hymnals.