Cultural Dos and Don'ts
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Cultural Dos and Don'ts

Cultural Dos and Don'ts


Published: September 20, 2017 0 0 110
By: Lane Rittmaster, San Diego State University
Category: International Studies
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General Education Explorations, Social Behavioral Science:
Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Tourism (RTM 404)

This course focused on the concepts of cultural components in tourism. It breaks down the ways culture may be defined and what influences a host country’s culture has on tourists, as well as the culture tourists may bring with them to their destination country. It provided an integrated view of interrelated socio-cultural tourism issues with an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.

I now have a stronger grasp on reasons for positive and negative impressions made on tourists and hosts. The modules covered reasons for stereotypes and generalizations, bad experiences due to a lack of knowledge, and what we can do to avoid them. One assignment I was given through the course was the “Cultural Do’s and Don't's” Essay. For the essay, we were prompted to research another country and compose a list of important etiquette rules when visiting the country. By researching cultural customs of another country, I have a greater understanding of cultural norms in a country different from my own, and a stronger ethical awareness.