Cultural Intelligence Experience- Germany (BA310)
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Cultural Intelligence Experience- Germany (BA310)

Cultural Intelligence Experience- Germany (BA310)


Published: December 11, 2018 0 0 99
By: Matthew Viado, SDSU Fowler College of Business
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For the final assignment of my BA310 course at SDSU, our professor assigned the class to 10 different groups to do a cultural experience presentation about an international student we met on campus and do some type of activity that would share a small part of their culture with us. With my group of 6 members, we decided to have a lunch on campus with an international student named Viktoria Wentz who is from Munich, Germany. While having our conversation with Viktoria, we discovered a lot of cultural and social differences in Munich as compared to San Diego. The biggest barrier for our group was the language barrier, since Viktoria had a strong German accent. But after getting to know her more through her personal life and her reasons for being a business major, we learned that we had more similarities than differences and it made it much easier to speak with her. After presenting our group presentation to the class, the professor really enjoyed our power point because of all the interactions and connections that we made with this international student from across the world. Looking back on it now, this cultural interaction has given me good experience in how to be etiquette when speaking with international people, having a global perspective on people’s cultures and always respecting other people's values.

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