HOW's JAPAN? (2019)
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HOW's JAPAN? (2019)

HOW's JAPAN? (2019)


Published: January 28, 2019 1 0 163
By: Sean Chan, San Diego State University
Category: Travel

Hi everyone! I took a trip to Japan for two weeks, it was pretty awesome so I decided to edit a short video for it. It was my first solo adventure and my first time to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Hope you enjoy my video "How's Japan"

Thanks to all those that helped me in creating this video, those that were patient enough for me to film it, and those that were unwillingly filmed and put in this video xD.

Shoki Tokuyama, Hanna Choi, Motoko Maeda, Carol Tee, Mami Sasaki, Najee McGreen, Miki Watanabe Minami Okada, John Gordon, Mizuho, Wolfgang, Magali, Ricky, Seo Hyung, Masaharu, Atsuki, Yuuki

Song: Bump of Chicken - Shinsekai
I take no credit for this music and this video is for entertainment purposes only!


Sean Chan