2017 AUV (Perseverance)
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2017 AUV (Perseverance)

2017 AUV (Perseverance)


Published: September 18, 2019 6 0 369
By: Daniel Campas, San Diego State University
Category: Engineering

This is the AUV designed for the 2017 and 2018 Robosub competitions. It earned 1st place in Craftmanship and stood out from the rest of the vehicles at the competition due to its aesthetic and user-friendly design.

The hull is made of 1/2" and 1/4" thick aluminum 6061 plates which were waterjet and then welded together. Additional aluminum panels are attached to the hull via o-ring pressure seals. These panels serve to mount cable glands to allow thrusters and sensors mounted outside of the hull to connect to the inside of the vehicle. These input/output (I/O) panels allow the team to make easy modifications to the AUV's design, since multiple panels can be machined with different types and amounts of cable glands.

The overall clamshell design with a singular lid on top allows for easy access to the vehicle's internal components, getting around the problem with cylindrical hull designs where internal components near the middle are difficult to reach.


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