Robosub 2019
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Robosub 2019

Robosub 2019


Published: September 19, 2019 5 0 257
By: Daniel Campas, San Diego State University
Category: Engineering

This is the AUV that was designed for the 2019 Robosub competition. It has a similar design to Perseverance, except for a few improvements and modifications.

It incorporates the use of a tilting camera system housed by an acrylic dome, as opposed to the previous design where separate cameras were used forward and downward. It also has a smaller overall size and weight, making it easier to transport to different events. A vectored thruster configuration allows for more efficient movement, and a reduced external frame provides more specific mounting locations for components, as opposed to Perseverance's slotted frame where outer components had to be designed to fit to it. This design keeps the Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) near the center of the vehicle's belly, and the windows on the top were also kept for swimmers to be able to monitor the electronics' status.


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