SDSU Percussion Ensemble - Girlfriends Medley
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SDSU Percussion Ensemble - Girlfriends Medley

SDSU Percussion Ensemble - Girlfriends Medley

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Published: July 15, 2017 0 0 245
By: Michael Brown, San Diego State University
Category: Music
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As a collegiate musician, my final product is entirely based around my ability to manipulate sound to form expression and emotion. For some, this culminates to a recording like this video. However, the reason I feel most proud to showcase this performance is due to the ambiguous, transparent nature of live recording.

Our run-through of "Girlfriends Medley", arranged by Bob Becker, was performed live (05-13-2017) for a crowd of high school percussionists during the San Diego Percussion Festival at San Marcos High School. I am honored to have been featured as the xylophone soloist alongside four excellent SDSU marimba accompanists (From left to right: Sam Pavel, Kayla Aftahi, Skye Landers, Jake Gamelin).

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