Studying Abroad in Venice Italy
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Studying Abroad in Venice Italy

Studying Abroad in Venice Italy


Published: July 10, 2018 0 0 201
By: Zachary Espinoza, San Diego State University
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In the spring of 2018 I had an amazing experience while studying abroad in Venice, Italy. At the institution I attended, Ca’ Foscari University, I learned essential business knowledge by taking classes in Marketing, Economics and two different Management classes. It was very interesting to learn these topics through Italian professors because they have a different perspective of the world which helped me widen my global perspective and step out of my comfort zone. Although they taught in English it helped me to use my critical thinking skills to understand exactly what they were saying because the accents were heavy at times.

Throughout my four months in Europe, not only was I learning in the classroom but I was fully immersing myself in different cultures and new experiences outside the classroom. This led to an increase in self-knowledge and ultimately widen my horizons as a business professional. I learned that every culture has their own unique aspects which is very helpful when doing business with people that may not be from your country. Traveling around the world has also given me the motivation to learn another language so that I can converse with people in different countries that are not my own.