Traveling abroad from Spring 2016-2017
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Traveling abroad from Spring 2016-2017

Traveling abroad from Spring 2016-2017


Published: September 28, 2017 0 0 102
By: Amylee Sollenbarger, San Diego State University
Category: Travel
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Many colligates throughout their time of study often choose to go abroad some point during their four years away at university. They are immersed in a foreign culture and are bombarded with the daily life of a student of the far away land of their choosing. In my case it was a little different.

During my winter vacation preceding my final two semesters at community college one of my old time friends imposed a question upon me. She had a few months off till her next job started and was dying to go to Machu Picchu. After a few hours of talking over logistics I was sold. I switched my class schedule to take classes completely online and decided that not only was I to join her on this adventure, I would continue to travel through the spring into the summer. Each night I planned our next step, researching transportation connections in comparison to allotted time, accommodations and a back up for each failure that may occur, all while staying within a respective budget. Along the way I would often meet many different people traveling and it gave me the ability to make connections and network with fellow travelers along the way.

Through my experience backpacking I was able to learn first handedly how to schedule and coordinate on a short and long-term basis, network and create lasting connections, communicate with my peers cross culturally, and remain within a tight budget and still making the best of each situation.