Jonathan Morris is a recent graduate of San Diego State University


San Diego State University
Bachelor of Science Business Administration Finance (2018)


Jerusalem Venture Partners
Acquisition Analyst (Intern)
Alleyway Investing & Stochastic Management
Investment Blogger
Albertino Financial
Financial Advisor Assistant
Blackmore Partners
Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst (Intern)
Lifetime Fitness
Camp Counselor
Chicago Golf Club

Member Since September 4, 2015

Portfolio Management and Security Analysis 2015

My 2015 Investment Project and Management Project that included a portfolio for the spring of 2015 and...


Investing Now Is Really Paying Your Future Self

Investing is like paying bills, but you're actually paying yourself -- your future self. For that reason...


A Finance Student's Guide to When You Should Sell

It's easy to get scared by the latest moves in the stock market. But before you sell, think of your...


About Me

A Short Description of Jonathan Morris


The Wave of ETF Investing

In this article, I talk about Index investing. I give a brief run down of indexing and its history...


The Financial News Narrative is Distorted

When scouring through the financial news outlets or to use industry jargon running through the "tape"...


The Jerusalem Chronicles

Stay tuned over the next several weeks I will be posting writings from my experience living in Jerusalem...


Vol I: Arriving

Volume 1 of my Jerusalem Chronicles is posted. It involves arriving and adjusting to my new environment.


Vol II: Basketball

I describe my time in Jerusalem playing basketball after my internship. This did not bode well with...


Vol III: The Ultra Orthodox

I describe a time at the western wall, and a glimpse into the ultra-orthodox way of life and society...


Finance Talk

I am Jon Morris and this is an archive of Finance Talk, a talk show on San Diego State's KCR radio broadcasted...


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